Crane Safety Certifications

McDowell Crane & Rigging maintains several safety certifications because safety is our first priority.

We hold crane safety certifications in these areas:

We at McDowell Crane & Rigging have made numerous modifications to our safety programs in order to continually improve our safety performance.

In order to clearly express these modifications in the most efficient manner, we have broken them down into two different categories: Employee Responsibilities and Employer Responsibilities.

Employee Responsibilities

At McDowell Crane & Rigging our goal is to achieve zero injuries and illnesses on and off the jobsite. In order to achieve this goal, our employees must help by actively engaging in our safety program. The responsibilities which our employees are accountable for are as follows:

Employer Responsibilities

Over the years, we have made numerous improvements to our safety program which have allowed us to manage employee safety and health in a more efficient manner.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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